Kannada – Rampant mispronounciation of words

Mispronounced words in Kannada make awful listening.  It’s been rampant and no body seems to be aware of their own mistakes – not that everybody is perfect – while they speak, leave alone grammar.  No body seems to bother about them either while they argue that it is the communication that matters and not grammar or phonetics!  The classical touch is going astray.  There are a few that are quite aware of this and are ‘awake’ while they speak.  There is S.P.Balasubramanyam the great singer who is particular about correct pronounciation.  In one of the music programmes he hosts, he often emphasizes and points that out esp. to the kids if he notices such a glaring flaw.  Because, rightly he p1040001.jpgrealizes that such things have to be imbibed from a raw age itself. 

I too notice so many flaws which are making a mockery in speeches, in casual conversation, even by the All India Radio staff during announcing!  This is not to be expected.  They are employed with a Kannada qualification and they are expected to make pronounciations of phonetics correctly, voice is not the main criterion!  It is AIR which is capable of at least making people aware, straight on the face, but politely, about the importance and beauty of the language and its pronounciation.  Those “kannada activists” that blacken English boards boards….. ask them if they can pronounce words properly!  About 35 years back itself there was a joke “habhaya astha” being actually pronounced instead of “abhaya hastha” during elections — Congress symbol!  You know what.  There are similar ones that were subject of jokes.  This was a popular one that did its rounds tirelessly!

They have gone to the extent of diluting the real thing, real learners.  They are made to forget the real phonetic of a certain word.  It is not an impossibility.  It is just about making a habit, just being aware, just wanting to do it the right way.  A hunger must be developed.  Parallelly, e-chat is also spoiling vocabulary and spelling among the younger lot as they resort funny short forms that kill the real beauty of the language.

In 2005, I had written a letter to a local Kannada daily about this subject and that appeared in print.  It is reproduced here as a picture for the benefit of the [kannada] readers.


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